Eye Tracking

Eye tracking is the process of measuring the point of gaze. GVMR research team with its experience over the years in conducting Eye tracking studies notices target consumer’s communications. We use an eye tracker device to track people`s eye for measuring eye positions and eye movement. We have good experience in finding out new package design attracts and attentions on the shelf.

Eye Tracking is one of the best methodology to improve advertisements, TV commercials, packaging and websites. We collect the data either from a remote or head-mounted ‘eye tracker’ connected to a computer. While there are many different types of non-intrusive eye trackers, they generally include two common components: a light source and a camera. The light source (usually infrared) is directed toward the eye. The camera tracks the reflection of the light source along with visible ocular features such as the pupil.

This data is used to extrapolate the rotation of the eye and ultimately the direction of gaze. Additional information such as blink frequency and changes in pupil diameter are also detected by the eye tracker.




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