Online Panel

Through an online survey we can gain an insight into target market’s views on product / service and other parameters. We can test the viability of a business idea by finding out: does the product / service appeal to potential customers? Does it match their needs and expectations? Etc.

We at Global Vision Market Research have Online Research as one of the main focus and we achieve it by bridging the gap between online consumers who want to share their opinions and market researchers who want to hear their opinions. Our service gives researchers access to tens of millions of profiled and targeted ready-to-survey respondents worldwide.

We provide a full range of online market research services including research panel, survey programming, online surveys and project management. By leveraging on our resources and local teams, we offer expert and cost effective solutions.

We provide panels support in markets: India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines & Singapore. We also cover US, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Middle East regions through our partners.




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