Qualitative Methodologies

Qualitative Research Methodology is one of our specialty to find solutions to client’s objectives. Our team of researchers, moderators and interviewers have vast experience of conducting focus groups, one-on-one interviews, telephone depth interviews and more.

We are committed to providing our clients with all actual qualitative research insights. For each study we aim for maximum quality objectives thoroughly addressed. We have a vast pool of moderators who aim at bringing out detailed insights and personal thoughts of respondents by adopting flexible approach.

Below are the approaches and services we offer to our clients.

✓ In Depth Interviews (IDI)

✓ Telephonic Depth Interviews (TDI)

✓ Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

✓ Dyads / Triads

 ✓ Recruitment for all methodologies

✓ Transcription

✓ Moderation

✓ Preparation of final report to the client








We've provided an overview of our approach, please Contact Us so we can address your objectives/requirements.