Who we are?

Global Vision Market Research, founded in 2012 works on a goal of providing Global Market Research Solutions customized to meet client’s varied requirements with the industry information and marketing knowledge they need to make smooth strategic results.

Global Vision Market Research offers End to End solutions to the clients through Global Data Collection, Transcription & Translation services. Our experienced project management team apply a variety of data collection techniques including Face to Face, Telephone, Online, and Phone to Web for Quantitative & Qualitative studies targeting B2B/B2C audiences across Industries.

Management Team

Jayant Mishra

Managing Director

Jayant Mishra holds the mantle of Managing Director of Global Vision Market Research. He has helped GVMR to emerge as a brand in India and overseas for Market Research operations among its growing list of clients. With much vigor and his vast knowledge of the core business, Jayant is always on the lookout for new areas of growth, broaden the clientele and increase client satisfaction with each interaction.

Jayant has 22 years of rich experience in Market research. He had started his career with Mode Research where after working for 8 years he moved to IMRB. At IMRB, Jayant has spent 4 years working on numerous qualitative and quantitative studies. With strong background in Sales and Market Research, Jayant managed his own company for 4 years before joining hands to form GVMR in 2012.



Nityanand Naidu

Director- Global Business Development

Nityanand is a performance driven market research professional with 26 years of significant experience across multiple industries. Nityanand has previously worked at Added Value Brand Development and Sigma Research and Consulting. Nityanand during his tenure has also worked exclusively for Unilever while working at Sapient Research Services and Western Research Services.

Nityanand is responsible for leading the development and execution of the Company’s short to long term strategy. In addition to the usual research methods, he has an extensive experience in projects ranging from Brand tracking, U&A, Product testing, concept testing, customer satisfaction. Nityanand being a proactive leader strives to treat everyone with respect and kindness, while clearly defining goals and providing the right tools to succeed.